Zebrafish Community is a user friendly and highly flexible resource for presenting information about the behaviour and physiology of the developing zebrafish.

Its aim is to foster exchange of information, techniques, materials and expertise within and beyond the fish community.
This resource collates data and information generated by the community to communicate the current state of knowledge about behaviour and physiology in the developing zebrafish.

Most of the data will come from collaboration of users in the community. Each collaboration is signed by its contributor. Other members may comment. Information on what is working and also most important what is not working are welcome.
In order to ensure the quality of this site, coordinators are driving the community from both University and industry .

Join the community today and start contributing !

  • Protocols for behaviour testing

This section presents a status of the test available and also the one that are in progress.
You will view information on how to design tests on zebrafish  such as : T maze, PTZ test, General Locomotion on 96 larvae zebrafish, agressivity, place preference…
To browse protocols refer to the Category menu on the right of this page.

  • Behaviour and Disease modeling

This section presents disease models that are being used. It also includes the status of modeling new disease and how its correlated to behaviour. We will discuss here Circadian rhythms, Parkinson, Drug abuse…
To start browsing refer to the Category in the menu on the right of this page.

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